Member-at-Large Programme

Airline employees and airline retirees who cannot join an interline/airline club in their city may become WACA Members-at-Large. The cost is USD 25.00 per annum.

If you live or work outside a 100 Km (60 mile) radius of one of our established WACA Member Clubs you are eligible to join our Association as a Member-at-Large.

 As a Member-at-Large you will:  

  1. Have all the rights and privileges of a regular club member excluding the right to vote at the Annual General Assembly.
  2. Receive a 12-month membership in the Programme.
  3. Receive all communications send from WACA Headquarters.
  4. Be eligible to attend WACA International Events, Sports Events, Regional Meetings and the Annual General Assembly.

For an application form, go to Forms and Reports on this website.